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Laura ORORBIA, poeta, desde Argentina.

lunes, 22 de abril de 2013



Rumbo a la Maestría project by WOM
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The Commission for Women’s Chess (WOM) has created the project “Rumbo a la Maestría” under the auspices of FIDE.
The goal of this project is to give the possibility of high level training sessions via internet with Grandmasters to a selected group of talented young players from Latin America. The project is divided into three parts:
- First training sessions from January to May - WOM coordinates the participation of the players in strong international tournaments in America and Europe during the period June-July, giving them the opportunity to achieve their norms and gain more elo points and experience.
- Second training sessions from August to December
The requirements to qualify for the project are:
- Active players under 25 years old
- Not holder of a WIM o WGM title
- Minimum Elo of 2000 and maximum 2200
- From a Latin America country

The trainers for the first training sessions from January to May are certified trainers as well as strong Grandmasters: GM Carlos Garcia Palermo, GM Alonso Zapata and GM Viktor Moskalenko.
WOM would like to thank the co-sponsorship and collaboration of:
- Internet Chess Club (ICC)
- Accademia Internazionale di Di Sccachi
- Chess Projects
- Capablanca In Memoriam

Participants of “Rumbo a la Maestría” are:
Leonela Gutiérrez – Venezuela
Damaris Abarca – Chile
Ayeleen Martínez – Argentina
Gabriela Vargas – Paraguay
Ana Vitoria Rothebarth – Brazil
Abigail Romero – Ecuador
Florencia Fernández – Argentina
Luisa Mercado – Colombia
Adriana Pachón – Colombia
Ana Daniela Madrigal – Nicaragua
Diana Real – México
Rovira Tairu – Venezuela
Tilsia Varela – Venezuela
Ingrid Aliaga – Perú
Ingrid Sánchez – El Salvador

Right now 5 players are in the Capablanca Memorial
Abigail Romero (Ecuador), Gabriela Vargas (Paraguay), Damaris Abarca (Chile), Adriana Pachon (Colombia) and Ingrid Aliaga (Peru). They are co-sponsored by the WOM and their respective National Federations.


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